Sunday, October 31, 2010

Would You Like Lemon With That...

I'm all for folks reading the paper and educating themselves to the goings-on of our world. But sometimes it is possible to know too much. With no regard to my thoughts regarding Too Much Information, today's New York Times article shed a little too much light on the personal hygiene habits, or lack thereof, being adopted by some Americans.

Apparently there are some folks who feel it is not necessary to shower more than three times per week, wear deodorant, or care for their hair on a weekly basis. The The Great Unwashed published in today's Sunday New York Times shares the insight of one CEO who does not believe in the idea of daily washing, contending a sliced lemon wiped on her underarms is all she needs to feel refreshed.

Uhm...yuck. I think I have just sworn off lemon with my tea or seltzer.

The article states the opinion of several who are quite confident they are not offending the rest of us with any odor. Just like the co-workers who gag us on their over-abundant trail of perfume or after-shave, could it be because they can't smell themselves?

One person states if it was so offensive someone would have told him. Obviously he has not read his Emily Post. If he had, he would know it is just as rude to point out someone's body odor as it is for the offender to have it in the first place. I don't know about you, but I do not think I would ever have the gumption to tell someone they stink. You just suck up and deal. And breathe through your mouth...

As for me, I could not give up my daily shower. Not only is it cleansing, I happen to do my best thinking in there. And if these folks don't feel their showers are necessary, that's just more hot water for the rest of us.

~ Photo thanks to Charles Schulz and the Peanuts Gang

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