Friday, October 22, 2010

The Night And The Day Are Both Alike....

Lest everyone believe I've begun dressing in black from head to two, shaved my head, and scribbled one inch black rings around my eyes, please rest assured I have not lost my mind.

First of all ~ THANK YOU ~ for your wonderful feedback on my recent poetry posts. Although some of it is deeply emotional and maybe even slightly disturbing, I am still the same positive, smart aleck, loving, spiritual, and happy person I have always been. But this does make me stop and think...

Everything in this life must have balance. Many times, we need to endure the bad in order to celebrate the good. Otherwise, how do you appreciate the blessings when they come your way if everything is always great? You can't. I have met some incredibly intelligent folks who can quote scripture, historical dates, important events: everything you could ever learn from books. However, they don't seem to have common sense enough to come out of the rain. In other words, you can't have the dark without the light.

My point is we don't ever really know one another to the extent we may believe we do. And to achieve balance in our lives, there has to be some give with some take. Yes, I am a positive and generally happy person thankful for the blessings given to me; although, this does not mean there isn't a side that can be mean and downright nasty if the situation arises. Understanding this balance allows us to choose for ourselves what side we tip the scale.

I always tell folks what you see is what you get; I'm not that deep. But as a work in progress, I give myself permission to explore what is not always apparent on the surface.

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