Wednesday, October 20, 2010


She glides into the room
  Cradling the wine glass
Within her cool hand
   Swirling the liquid gold.

  He rises from the couch to
Encircle his love
  Within his warm embrace.

Dancing his crazy two-step
  He is rewarded with her laugh
Harmonizing with the melancholy jazz
  Oozing throughout the room.

Dancing, swirling, twirling, whirling,
  Faster and faster
The room radiates from the heat of their souls
  Joined together by vows so long ago.

Lost in one another
  The dog cuts in and
The cat disdainfully looks on as
  The dance melts into a kiss.


The dream is shattered with the glass
  Hitting the floor as the touchdown is scored.
And with the television noise oozing throughout the room
  Emotion finally comes from her soul mate
She made vows with so long ago.

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  1. God, this one is so sad, so eloquent.


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