Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part ...

It was recently announced that David Arquette and Courtney Cox have ended their marriage. Additionally, Christina Aguilera has also ended her marriage. Regardless of who is involved, it generally makes me very sad to hear of another married couple breaking up and becoming a statistic.

Marriage is not easy; just ask my husband who puts up with me every day. We have been married over 17 years and have definitely had our trials and tribulations. But who hasn't? We all suffer through loss, death of loved ones, economic strife, disappointment. But if you have to endure these hardships, isn't it better to do so with someone who has committed to stay with you through thick and thin?

Granted, there are some people who need to move on in their lives. I am sure we all know of one or two folks who bring thoughts of, "What were they thinking? They should have never been married in the first place." When a relationship is abusive or one person constantly carries the load, receiving no emotional support despite numerous measures and attempts, it is time to move on. But even despite these exceptions, doesn't it seem like there is an awful lot of "movin' on" and a lot less "workin' it out" these days?

Last year I heard that Germany was trying to pass a law where marriage would only be valid for seven years. After seven years, both parties had to agree to go forth; otherwise, the marriage dissolved. This was an attempt to free up the courts from all the divorces that seemed to statistically come after seven years. I was stunned. I've had clothes longer than seven years, am I to understand some folks can't commit to a person for longer?

Love grows in stages. Yes, it is work. All the money in the world can not replace emotional stability and compatibility. People change from who they were that day on the altar. And ideally we should grow with one another, share in each others triumphs, hold one another throughout the sorrows, and walk the journey together.

But why do so many forgo the journey and just walk away? I really wish I knew.

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