Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too Sad To Be Funny...

This morning The New York Times is proclaiming, "Albany Governor Debate Verges on Farce". As a tax-paying New Yorker, I think I can safely say it really isn't funny.

After months of ads and speeches, the time finally came when all the candidates convened to tell us New Yorkers what they plan to do to turn our state around. Sadly, what actually took place could have come right from the Saturday Night Live stage at 30 Rock.

To one degree, we have a former madame. Yes, a madame who sold other women into prostitution. Ms. Davis believes she is the best candidate because all New Yorkers are getting it stuck to us; she knows the best way for us to profit from it. Great. Just great. I know we have all felt like we were being taking advantage of but having a former madame feel she is our greatest representative kinda solidifies it.

On the other side we have Mr. McMillan who feels he should represent us as he fights to lower rents, because they are just too high. Yes, friends, rents. Forget about us homeowners being taxed out of our homes, forget about the sky-high unemployment rates, forget about the northeast cold coming in and how we are going to help the homeless, just worry about getting rent lowered. Suddenly "farce" does not seem to cover it

Dare I say...even the appearance of several candidates lent to the comical atmosphere of what should have been a serious and educated setting. I can almost see the set-up for this week's SNL opening skit.

Amidst all the jokes and disrespect, what I still don't have is a clear idea how any of these folks will help save New York and its residents. And we desperately need saving.

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