Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste...

Admittedly, I am not a horror film freak. At least, not today's horror films. Truly, I think the concept of leaving the best of the story to one's imagination is long gone.

Today the big horror stories are "Saw" and ridiculousness like "The Human Centipede." It is my understanding there is a serious lacking of...oh, I don't know...a plot but no shortage of blood, body parts, and gore. Human intellect and imagination are sacrificed for the gross-out factor.

A true horror film has nothing to do with half-naked pubescent half-wits who don't leave the camp in the woods right after the first one of them is slaughtered. A true horror film lets the viewer's mind wreak havoc on them. To support this logic, I offer:

"Psycho" - Anthony Perkins portrayal of Norman Bates haunts me to this day, and I am not referring to the famous shower scene, although that will definitely have you taking baths for years to come. The final scene with his maniacal smile as his mind justifies and manipulates actually made my blood turn cold. Aside from the shower scene (where you really didn't see anything) there was no gore, no ripping of body parts, and no naked bodies being severed. The horror took place within the mind.

"Wait Until Dark" - as an ardent Audrey fan, there was no way I was missing this one. Let me tell you, I screamed out like a little girl. Again, no blood, no gore, but the suspense will drive you right out of your mind.

"Rebecca" - Alfred Hitchcock's first movie, Rebecca had me at the edge of my seat. Did he kill his first wife? Was he trying to kill her? What's up with the wacko housekeeper? A definite must see!

"Dead Again" - I am a HUGE Emma Thompson fan. Lemme tell ya' kids, this ain't no Nanny McPhee. This movie was so great I once again screamed like a little girl when Kenneth Branagh said, "I would never hurt you, Margaret." Go see this one right now...

"The Shining" - Jack Nicholson. Enough said.

And finally, taking us right back to the beginning, "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane." Forget Bette Davis eyes, she is in her entirety a bonafide nut case in this movie and will have you watching again and again.

So there you have it. Now grab your wine, grab your popcorn, and go intellectually scare yourself out of your wits.

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  1. I could not agree with you more, my general rule of thumb during the Halloween season is to only watch horror films that were made in black in white, they never disappoint.
    It is my belief that organized religion is behind most of those "slash the young hottie" films as the teens who engage in premarital sex are the first to go, only the virgin survives.
    A very young Kevin Bacon, in a bit role, played a horny young man in Friday the !3th and met a bloody end. Fortunately his career survived the role.
    X David


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