Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let Me Die In Paris...

Let me journey to the top
of the web and plunge
through the darkness
to the ground below, blending
our bodies and souls

Let my thoughts be so profound
Père will claim me, and
I shall walk among our guests

with Oscar and Jim laughing
because our world is more
exhilarating than theirs.

Let me run through the steeple
with the Pope of Fools,
our spirits carrying the
prayers of the faithful to He who
will listen as we offer peace
to the restless.

Let me suffocate on the breath
from the second sex
exalting the open affairs of
being and nothingness,
as one can not be
described without the other.

Let my ashes be spread
in her bedroom where
ink pots and creamy paper held
court with the elite long 

before she found the
angel on earth.

Let me be the one you keep
as thanks for the one you spared.
His life was my life
and the lives of all who follow.
I am him as he is me.
We are one.

~ In loving memory of George Schaffer ~ 

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