Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gee, And I'm Just Glad You're Alive....

I watched the Today show teary-eyed as the first Chilean miner was pulled from underground. He jumped from the bringing-people-up-from-underground-apparatus and danced all around the area, hugging folks and giving rocks to officials. It was absolutely priceless. Or so I thought...

Turns out the miners, every single one of them who have miraculously survived their underground ordeal, have made a pact. No one talks unless everyone is in agreement. Seems they have already laid out their plans for financial riches when the media, book deals, and movie offers come pouring in. Ten minutes out of the cave and they have already hired an accountant to manage all the money when it shows up by the truck loads.

The families of the miners have been instructed not to speak to anyone unless they clear it with them first. They want to assure they are all saying the same thing and everyone gets their fair share of the giving anything away for free!

This makes me physically sick.

When I think of all the unfortunate situations when the miners were not so lucky, the men who were killed when the BP fiasco blew up and wreaked havoc on our world, the many men and women who give the ultimate sacrifice everyday defending our nation, it makes me really upset at the actions of these few. Isn't the gift of your life enough? Apparently not...

Just a shout out to the media, the publishers, the movie moguls, and the like...don't part with the cash on my account. I won't be paying to support this behavior.

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