Thursday, November 4, 2010

You Don't See Me...

You don't see me.

Look at me...

I want to
Touch you,
Feel you, so
Badly my fingertips burn
And my body aches.

Listen to me...

When you speak
I feel the softness
Of your lips on
Mine and want
To taste your soul.

Touch me...

You are the
Lace against my thigh,
The scent upon my skin
The whisper on my neck
The stroke upon my breast.

Taste me...

Up against the wall
Your mouth on mine
No one else around
The flavor of wine
Quenching us both.

Be with me...

Away from everyday
Away from everyone
Joined together
Just once
I can't breathe.

You don't see me...

Beyond this facade
Of what everyone needs
Repressed in an image
Responsible, constrained,
Begging to be free.

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