Monday, November 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures...

Today was a really great of those days when you accomplish so much you don't want it to end. And this evening when I returned home after class, I was inundated with simple pleasures to bring this wonderful day to a close and prepare me to do it again tomorrow.

Silly as it sounds, I was thrilled to walk in the door and find my next issue of Harper's Bazaar had arrived. This magazine is one of my favorites as it is a literary masterpiece ~ I enjoy everything about it. The articles are fantastic, the pictures amazing, and the fashion off the charts.

To begin the cover-to-cover devour, I was thrilled to partake in another simple pleasure...a full glass of Shiraz, my favorite libation aside from Champagne, which lives in a class all by itself. Armed with reading material and refreshment, I proceeded to my room where I kicked off the stilettos and slid into a pair of silk pajamas. What a perfect ending to a perfect day...

I am now sharing this with you as Lady Gaga belts out "Bad Romance" through my ear buds and I dance in my chair. None of this is exorbitant, but it sure makes me happy. I guess in the end I am a girl with simple taste who loves life and today thinks it is really great to be me.

So I am off to the big armchair in front of the fireplace in my pajamas with my wine and magazine, sending happy thoughts to you for simple pleasures to usher your day to a close.

I may even attempt the bubble bath again...but then again, why ruin a good thing?

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  1. Harper's Bazaar, a glass of red, and silk PJ's sounds heavenly!


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