Monday, November 8, 2010

The Better Part Of Valor Is Discretion...

I was thinking this morning, once again while watching the Today show, how sad a statement that discretion seems to be a dying virtue.

Now, I know this may seem strange coming from someone who puts it all out there for the world to see on a blog, but I am more apt deprecate myself or silly nonsense in our world as opposed to outing actual people. I was dismayed this morning to once again witness Dina Lohan gloming yet another 10 minutes in the spotlight at the expense of her daughter. Dare I admit, I actually felt sorry for Li Lo.

Dina actually had the audacity to tell Matt, "As a mother we protect." Really? Really, Dina? When did that come to you? Was it when you were bar-hopping with your daughter? Was it when you and her just-as-whacked-out Dad were fighting in the press? I was just wondering when the protect part occurred to you, 'cuz it seems like you missed that bus several stops ago. Perhaps you should have allowed yourself to be a safe place for your daughter to land as opposed to a tell-all media hound living vicariously through her.

With all the reality shows in our faces, discretion is the last thing we seem to value. The Kardashians totally put it all out there. I am quite sure little Mason will be thrilled someday to Google himself and get a birds-eye view of his mom pulling him up and out during birth. Yikes! Some things are much better left to the imagination...

If I have little respect for Tiger Woods, I have even less respect for all the women who came out of the woodwork to share the intimate details of their illicit encounters with him. Seriously, no class. I felt the same way about Monica Lewinsky. Her indiscretion brought our entire country to a stand still as our President faced the inquisition because she couldn't keep the details to herself. Next time, wash the dang dress.

A little discretion goes a long way. Hopefully society will eventually learn the value of discretion and stop feeding into gossip and needing to know all the gory details. It is good to have a little mystery now and again ~ it makes everyone wonder what you're up to.


  1. Right on, sistah!

  2. Lindsay's father held a press conference about a week ago to announce that he would no longer be speaking to the press.
    I feel your pain.
    X David


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