Monday, November 22, 2010

I Could Be A Rock Chick...

Last night I was "talking" on Facebook with an old friend (meaning long-time, not geriatric) who informed me Disturbed will be coming to our area in the near future, so we made plans to keep in touch and definitely get to the show. This prompted another friend (geriatric - ha! ha! sorry Mike, just, really) to chime in that this show would probably be a little too heavy for me. Seriously?

In case you didn't know, I absolutely could have been a rock-n-roll chick. The best part is those who know me in my every-day life would never guess I harbored a secret desire to run away to be a back-up dancer for Motley Crue. Well, until Crue found the Nasty Habits. They killed the dream because they were, well, Nasty.

But let the metal music come on and I am totally there. Last fall my son and I had a tremendous time rockin' out to Metallica. I think it is because I am so short and he is so tall he doesn't mind head bangin' with his Mom. He figures being head and shoulders taller than me if he just looks straight ahead he can pretend I'm not there.

I could have been Lita Ford. Well, except that I'm only 5'2". And I am not of a gargantuan chest size. And I can't play guitar. The singing is a bit lacking as well. But I have passion! And if it's loud enough, who cares how good it is? I can do loud and I love to dance. Plus, I have fierce moves. So Nikki Sixx, when you read this (and you will read this) the next time you are ready to Shout At The Devil...I'm your girl.


  1. You make me laugh :)

    One of my all time favorite bands is Van Halen. I have loved VH since 1983 and still listen to them to this day. In fact, my husband took me to see them when they went on tour a couple of years ago with former lead singer, and my crush, David Lee Roth. It was hands down the best concert I have ever seen. I don't think my husband thought the same.

    Just because I'm a middle-aged housewife doesn't mean I can't rock out, right?

  2. I'm proud to admit that Motley Crue and Guns n Roses are on my ipod :-)

  3. See...this is exactly why you both need to be in the salon...intelligence and good taste in music.


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