Friday, November 5, 2010

We Could...

We could disappear
a moment, an hour, a day... 
anywhere we are unknown.

We could be alone
to discover all the secret desires
kept quiet in the light of day.

We could explore
every hunger, releasing
our souls to one another in ecstasy.

We could moan
the pleasure of caresses traced
unknown to the hand.

We could burn
in the internal flame ascending with
delicious aching.

We could scream
darkest passion suppressed
as drowning waters release us.

We could dream exhausted sleep
contentment tangled together,

We could disappear
a moment, a day, an hour...
anywhere we are unknown.

But when I see you
and catch your eye, I will know...
remember...and smile.


  1. I second the "wow". It's not often that a poem really makes me sit back and think, want to read it again, think some more. wow!


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