Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh, My Stars! Those Shoes....

It all started innocently enough...

I decided to enjoy a little shopping therapy on my lunch-break and headed to my local Marshall's to snoop through the clearance racks. Now, truth be known, I am a total consignment shopper. I love it ~ let someone else pay the high prices. I take great joy in hitting the amazing shops and the knowledge I am benefiting someone else at the same time. But this day I had less than an hour and really just planned to shop for one of my passions (lingerie) which a) should never be bought consignment...eeeewwww....and b) you can't beat Marshall's prices on lingerie. Okay...shameless plug done.

I walked into the store, overwhelming by nature as everything is splayed everywhere, with no intentions whatsoever of even looking at shoes. But they called me. Sincerely. They actually called me. You know in the movies when the clouds part and the divine beam of light shines down from the heavens illuminating that which is all knowing and beautiful? I swear, this was my experience.

There they were. And I knew they were for me because they were also ON THE CLEARANCE SHELF! Appealing to my cheap frugal side, clearly this was a sign. Despite swarms of women, it was if they donned Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, hiding themselves from everyone else in the world but me. A beautiful pair of red suede Nine West (favorite!) stiletto pumps.

I gingerly lifted them off the rack and thought, "There is no way my conservative self could pull these off." Although I live in stiletto heels (it's that whole short and underdeveloped thing I've got going on) I tend to stick to more conservative colors.

I kicked off my black Nine Wests and slowly slid into that shoe. I swear, energy screamed right up my leg and surged a jolt to my heart. Quickly I pulled the other one on. "Holy cow! You have got to get those shoes! They were made for you!" said the lady right next to me. Who was I to argue?

I tucked them under my arm and made my way through the store. But their magic didn't stop there. Suddenly I needed to be sure my purchases were approved by the red shoes. Will this compliment the red pumps? The red pumps don't like this...put it back.

I raced back to the office and tried them on for my friend. She was blown away! Strangely enough, I don't think I was wearing the pumps...I think they were wearing me. I have never been a diva or got so caught up in my clothes they overwhelmed me, but this was a whole new experience.

Right now they are sitting in my room begging to be put on, but I thought I would be hauled away to the funny farm if I wore them grocery shopping. Church may also be out of the question. But they aren't going to be quiet for much longer...they are ready to go out and conquer the world.

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  1. A pair of red pumps like this (in the non-slutty variety) are a must!! You'd be surprised how much you can wear them with... a simple black dress, jeans and a top. Anything you want to va-voom up, will look great with those shoes!
    (and whenever I go back to the States, I come back with a new suitcase filled with shopping - both the suitcase and the fillings bought at Marshalls!)


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