Sunday, November 21, 2010

It Seemed Like A Great Idea At The Time...

This was a busy but productive weekend. To close the long day, I thought a luxurious bubble bath would be absolutely wonderful, and since I do not indulge as often as I should I pulled out all the stops.

The scented candles illuminated the dark room. The soft music was playing. Bubbles floated atop the hot water right to the edge of the tub. The fluffy soft robe was waiting to receive me after the sheer relaxation. Everything was in place for me to send the busy weekend down the drain.

I slid into the bubbles right up to my chin. Reaching for my glass of wine and book, I felt like I could float away. And then the bubbles burst...


"Mom? Mom? Are you in there? Mom? Are you in the tub yet?"

"Yes, yes I am."

"Well, could you just sign my practice log for band? I've got a pen..."

"Why don't you leave it on the table and I'll do it when I get out?"

" what? Five minutes? 'Cuz I really wanna pack my backpack for tomorrow?"

"Come on in."

And this was just the first one.


"Mom, hey Mom? Did you wash my favorite jeans because I wanna wear them tomorrow and I can't find them."

"Are they folded on your bed?"

"No, they are my other favorite jeans."

"Are they in your drawer?"

"I don't know...I'll go check..."

Then silence. Okay, now I can get down to business and actually enjoy this bath.


"Hey Mom? Mom? Are you almost done because I really have to go to the bathroom and brother just stunk up the downstairs bathroom."


"Breathe through your mouth!"

FINALLY! Peace and quiet...


This would be one of my two pugs sitting outside the door knowing I am inside but they are not. And since their cries can only be heard by me, I climb out of the tub, slip on the tile, crack into the door, let them in, then climb back into the tub.

Now the bubbles are gone, the dog is trying to climb in the tub, I need more wine, and my book is soaked. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But now I vividly remember why I don't indulge as often as I should.

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  1. Last night I cried (like, almost dry heaved) during the scene in "The Holiday" when Cameron Diaz meets Jude Law's little girls for the first time--made me think of my own step-daughter and how old she was when I met her father AND it made me want to have my own child (clock is tickin'LOUD). You just cured me of this delusional thinking--merci! (at least for right now :) ). Great post!


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