Monday, November 15, 2010

Contentious Just For The Sake Of Being So... a not-so-funny situation presented itself the other day, and I think I have let enough time pass to comment without going over the line. I think.

I found myself in the position of dealing with a habitually contentious person. You know the type...regardless of the discussion, idea, process, these people always need to be argumentative and condescending just for the sake of being so. Sadly, you pretty much anticipate any interaction with said person will beg you to gird your loins 'cuz you're goin' in.

Now, understand, if it is me or my ideas being called into question, I may get annoyed, but I will try to see if there is something I need to take away. This was much, much worse. It was against someone I really care about. Who was not there to defend himself. Not a wise avenue for the contentious one to travel.

After the throw-down interaction, I chose to refrain from sharing the experience right away as I would be too tempted to out the contentious one. But that would fly in the face of my campaign to return discretion to the masses, so I waited. But it still begs the question: what on earth is up with these people?

I hate to admit this. I REALLY hate to admit this (due to my utter disdain for the wacko woman), but I can actually relate to Sarah's Mama Grizzly theory. If you want to come after me, fine, but know I really don't entertain battles of wits with unarmed opponents (yes, contentious one, I am speaking to you.) But if you insist on coming after someone I care about, well, Hell hath no fury.

Truth be told, I did not play into the clutches of the contentious one. I  refused to give the satisfaction; the high road has a much better view.

But if anyone can tell me why some feel the need to behave this way, tearing down others and their ideas with their pseudo-superiority and nasally voices, I'd love to hear it. In the meantime, they-who-shall-not-be-named should be glad I am so discreet.


  1. And that's the appeal of the wacko woman for so many! She plays into our innate feelings of protecting our cubs. So if she does it too, well then she must be just like us!!
    (and allow me to say, hells to the no!! She may be a Mama Grizzly but I'm a Mama Lioness... wait, I don't have children yet. But I do have a puppy).

    (and I just realized I got myself so riled up thinking about wacko woman that my comment doesn't really make any sense, but I think you know what I mean)

  2. Glad you took the high road, people sue for slander if you sneeze.
    I did name names in my blog twice. Once was after the editor of Film Comment Magazine slugged me in the stomach because I had the audacity to speak to a film director at a party. The editor's name is Gavin Smith and I should have had him arrested.
    I hope he does sue me for slander some day so I may produce the witnesses of his uncontrollable behavior.
    Pick your battles carefully and be sure you can win.
    X David


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