Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Feast of All Souls...

For those of us in the Catholic faith today is All Soul’s Day, sometimes referred to as the Day of the Dead. Although this seems to give a “Dawn of the Dead” feeling to the situation so I tend to stay away from such verbiage.

Truthfully, I don’t know of any special way to celebrate All Soul’s Day other than attending Mass and remembering those who made an impact on me before going home to life everlasting. But considering today is also Election Day in the United States, I began thinking…shouldn’t we also be praying for the soul’s here among the living we are forced to deal with everyday?

For example, if I think back over the past months at the way some of these politicians have slandered and lied and thrown the mud at one another, doesn’t it make you wonder what’s going on in their souls? Or is this secondary to getting the vote?

When I recall Carl Palladino’s hate and rhetoric spewed and the disparity he portrays in a “get over it, I’m politically incorrect and that’s your problem to deal with” manner, you really have to wonder what’s goin’ on in the depths of his soul. To call an entire faction of people brainwashed because they love another in a way he doesn’t understand is not only narrow-minded, it’s judgmental and reeks of self-importance. Remember, one must die to self to pick up the cross in the name of another.

When I read of a mother who killed her child because he interrupted her game of Farmville on Facebook, I become physically sick. What was going on in her soul? How do you put a ridiculous game ahead of your three-month old son’s needs? Incidentally, Mark Zuckerberg, when you read this (and you will read this) you may want to get your attorney ready. In this litigious society you just know this will be your fault somehow.

When I learn of the Bernie Madoffs and other bigwigs who swindle away the savings of their friends and trusting clients, I wonder what is going on in their souls. And let’s not forget the executives who accept ridiculous bonuses as their employees are being laid-off from their jobs. How do they sleep at night?

Today on this Feast of All Soul’s, I will remember those I love who have gone before me. Additionally, I will say a prayer for all of us still here to not only remember and care for our own souls but more so to value the souls of others.


  1. You summed it all up beautifully in that last paragraph.
    X David
    Still holding my breath waiting for the election results, got my passport ready.

  2. FANTASTIC! Seriously well said.

    (and I can't believe the mother and Farmville story!! I hadn't heard about that, it's shocking and disgusting)


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