Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Bed Is Calling Me...


For the most part, I love everything I do. When it is no longer enjoyable to me, I don't do it anymore. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest. This goes for my job, my hobbies, music I listen to, volunteering, just about everything. It insures I am giving all of myself to whatever I choose to do ~ never lazy and always immersed in the experience.

That being said, I found myself today suddenly overwhelmed by sleepiness and desperately wanting to go to bed. It was the close of a long day doing things I really enjoy to do. But it came on so suddenly...a real desire to crawl into bed, close my eyes, and go to sleep.

Maybe it is because my fleece sheets are so soft and inviting. Maybe it is the feeling of my head gently sinking into fluffy pillows. Maybe it is the longing for pleasant dreams to come. Whatever it is, I send these thoughts out into the abyss from the comfort of my bed, propped on three big pillows and swaddled in warm happiness.

What a luxury! Sadly, we do not value the time lingering in our beds enough; it seems equated with laziness to remain vertically relaxed rather than horizontally busy. But since tomorrow is the big day of preparation for my favorite holiday, followed by the actual festivities celebrating copious amounts of food, drink, family, and friends, I think I shall purposely begin by staying right where I am a little bit longer than usual.

I will dream my wonderful dreams and for a little while...be a little lazy.

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