Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Show...

No doubt about it, I am a movie freak. I can get lost in a movie and then get up and go get lost in another one. Sadly, it seems like we movie-geeks have had slim pickens for too long.

My Harry Potter obsession aside, I can't honestly remember the last time I waited in high anticipation to see a movie; getting there opening day; not balking over the ridiculous cost for a few hours pleasure; pondering the experience days afterwards. What is up with the movie studios of today?

With the release to DVD within a few months, I am more apt to wait for the video. This way I can enjoy it in my home and if I need to use the facilities I can pause the movie rather than hold it till the end so I don't miss anything. Aside from Avatar, which I have yet see, I have not heard of any movie suggestions begging my attendance.

It seems a bit ridiculous some of the films they have insisted on making 3-D. Is it to secure the big-ticket prices or to make up for the lack of story? I can't justify the cost of attending these 3-D movies - it's crazy! And I will not sacrifice plot in the name of some special effects. I think whoever invented Netflix streaming through my Wii is a I don't have so much guilt for seeing it sit there unused. (Side note: this lack of Wii use is not my can only take so much insult about one's lack of coordination.)

Fellow movie buffs, please share with me some of your favorites. Or, if you are aware of a good one out there now, please let me know. I do admit when it is good, nothing compares to the big screen in the dark.

Until that time, I will go to my living room to get lost in a movie, where the popcorn is fresh and not a cardiac arrest waiting to happen. I can enjoy a glass of wine and snuggle under an afghan. When and if the movie studios decide to bring something worthwhile to the masses, I'll be the first one there.


  1. I love love love going to the movies! I haven't been to the cinema in France yet because there hasn't been anything out that I feel like seeing and struggling to understand, but when I still lived in Dublin one of my favorite treats was going to the cinema by myself on a Sunday morning. I would pick the first showing of something and be the only person in the entire theatre, just me and my popcorn. Love that!
    (Have you see The Lovely Bones? We just watched it yesterday and I thought it was really good)

  2. I used to be a movie buff, but my knees lock now. I can't get comfortable in the theater anymore. And now, like Sara above, I live in France so it's hard to find version original films – aside from the really big hits like Avatar, etc. I am going stateside for a week, so I hope I'll be able to catch Harry Potter. In English!


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