Friday, November 5, 2010

I Read It For The Articles...

Okay, now lest everyone thinks I've run off to write for Penthouse Forum, hold on just a second.

First of all, I hope I blew your mind. And for the special guy (you know who you are) who made my world sing with his feedback, make my world sing.

Writing a sensual piece is very liberating. I think we tend to forget we are, when stripped down from society's labels, very sensual people. Some of my heroes have been women so incredibly in touch with their sensuality (no pun intended...that's an ENTIRELY different subject) they not only wrote about it, they lived it.

Sadly, I am of the belief that Americans are afraid to be sensual. If a woman shares her true longings and desires, she's either a) a slut, or b) Dr. Ruth Westheimer. I fit in neither of these categories, I assure you. But to pretend we are all abstaining is ridiculous. To pretend none of us have longings and desires, fantasies and dreams is also ridiculous.

Granted, I am also not of the belief it needs to be all out there on display. But somewhere there needs to be a healthy balance. On my best days, I am totally living my sensual self...letting everything and everyone the world has to offer impact all of my senses.

So if I journey down the road of liberating sensuality, pour a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy it. You've just witnessed me living out my best self.

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