Sunday, November 7, 2010

Forget Points...Count Your Passions...

There is a growing epidemic amongst women determined to suck the joy out of everything life has to offer. Now, before a world-wide organization creates delusions of suing the pants off me, please know a) you can't get blood from a stone and b) deep down you know I am on to something here.

Somewhere along the way it became popular to count points, jump on a scale every week, and publicly proclaim triumphs over the omnipresent evil of the edible sort. The fact women actually pay for this masochism makes me heartsick.$10 per week could go towards a lot of shoes; why let someone else profit over what you already know? This has become so rampant and ridiculous I feel it is time to weigh in (okay, little pun intended) over this catastrophe.

Now, before I am inundated with e-mails telling me I don't know what it is like, I don't have a weight problem, I can eat whatever I want...I already know this. And I say this with no arrogance because you absolutely can, too, once you realize it has nothing to do with the food and everything to do with your passions.

For example, I have friends passionate about running. And they live their passion. I have seen photos of them when they are in the zone and you have to know ~ they are beautiful. You can see their determination, the courage and persistence of dedicating time to something they love, and how great they feel pursuing something so alive yet intimidating to the rest of us. They are nurturing and loving their bodies, comfortable in their own skin.

I have other friends who have such a passion for wearable art (read: really good fashion) they live and die by their closets. This is not vanity; it is a true respect for both the art and the artist/designer. I love seeing them adorned in outfits only they could create and living their true selves within such beautiful designs.

I am going to break my own "Too Much Information" rules and tell you this: I have many passions. And I truly strive to foster them, love them, and enjoy them.

First of all, I have a passion for food and wine. I'm not talking about "Oh, I really enjoy a good meal and drink" kind of passion. I mean a passion. I derive tremendous pleasure from selecting fresh ingredients, viewing vibrant colors, smelling the fragrances, feeling the textures, hearing what they compel me to do to them. The aroma of my home as I prepare these ingredients into creations relaying my feelings to people I love is immeasurable; coupling these creations with a good wine is sublime. How can you begin to quantify this pleasure with numbers created to no other purpose than regulating this passion and inducing guilt for pursing it?

I have a passion for writing. Although this passion did lay dormant until recently, I never miss a date with my keyboard ~ we have a daily rendezvous. If I let myself get lazy and not spend this quality time, I am sure a gaping hole would consume my day. I refuse to let this happen.

Another passion I have is for lingerie ~ I absolutely love it. Silk, lace, ivory, red, black, everything, anything...the way it feels against my skin is amazing. I know how Superman felt wearing his tights under the Clark Kent suit. No one else is aware but the infused feelings are indescribable.

Knowledge is another passion. No, not the "I know everything about everything and will let you know I know everything about everything" kind of knowledge. Knowledge is an aphrodisiac...once you begin acquiring it you want more. Just knowing for myself I have explored all aspects of a given topic thrills should never stop learning.

I have a passion for my faith. The knowledge of a power so great actually loving me to the degree He does drives me to push myself to honor Him. The reference is not lost on me of our Saviour's suffering and crucifixion being known as The Passion. We are called to live our lives to the fullest with everything done to glorify God, and I fully intend to do so, whether it is writing, or cooking, or wearing something that feels good, or just being comfortable in my own skin. This is how He created me; who am I to question?

In the midst of pursuing all these passions, who has time for counting points? Enjoy that piece of chocolate, throw away those stretched-out Fruit of the Looms, wear a beautiful undergarment, use your good china, read that forbidden book, and enjoy every moment of it. When you take the time to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer, you will not have a need to overindulge. As you are nourishing your soul, the rest will take care of itself.


  1. Absolutely -- life is much too short not to live your passions and create a fully realized life...

  2. Amen!
    I love food, cooking, and wine... I could never give them up, If my pants get a little tight, then a little portion control and a bit more exercise evens the score. I don't believe in depriving ourselves of things we love. Indulge is my word du jour.


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