Friday, November 19, 2010

Welcome To My Salon...

I really enjoy a good conversation. In depth, stimulating, thought-provoking. And this desire for good conversation makes me envy the days gone by of fashionable salons hosting intellectual discussion and debate.

And I'm not just referring to wit, although it is always a pleasure to partake in. I am talking about ideas passionately relayed by the person relaying them. If I could amass my ideal salon, this is who I would invite...

Maureen Dowd would be at the very top of the list, the first invitation to be sent. I wait with bated breath everything she writes and am constantly amazed how she articulates exactly what is in my head. As I've said before, we could be BFF's.

Ann Coulter is someone who is so controversial yet I feel the need to be in her presence. It is not that I often agree with what she is laying down; quite the contrary. But to have a stimulating conversation, a little debate is always inspiring. I don't care who you are, you've got to admire Ann's ability to put it all out there.

Dorothy Parker would be required...the discussion could not ensue without her. She has a definite snark I can identify with and I'm pretty confident we are actually twins separated at birth.

If you have never had the opportunity to hear Henry Rollins speak, I strongly encourage you to do so. Yes, I am referring to THAT Henry Rollins. I have enjoyed hearing him speak three times and he never fails to provoke thoughts I never entertained. Again, I may not always agree but anyone who turns a topic inside out for intellectual evaluation rates in my book.

In keeping with the male point of view, I would invite fellow blogger David McGrievey to join the salon. Not only does David possess an intellectual insight to a plethora of topics, he presents it with a humor I can't help but love.

It goes without saying Adrienne, Sara, Tish, Collette, Simone, Anais, Edith, and the greats would all need to be there. And just like all the home party invites I receive on a daily basis, please feel free to bring a friend.


  1. Very interesting
    - funny, Maureen is NOT my personal favorite and Anne cracks me up. You're right about the way she can put it out there though. It's like sandpaper but amazing.
    What a fun idea... wonder who I would bring along...

  2. I would love to come along... I'll bring the wine!


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