Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rock Solid...

"What is that in your hand?" This? It's my rock.

The first time I was given a prayer rock I was on a retreat. A "prayer reminder" rock was given to me wrapped in pretty fabric with a poem on it. The idea was to leave it on my pillow and when I lay my head down at night and hit my head on it, I would remember to thank God for a day well-lived. After hitting my head, I was then to tuck it into my shoe so when I slid my foot in I would be reminded to begin my day in prayer.

While the gift was certainly appreciated, it did have its drawbacks. For instance, should someone who already lives off in their own world be encouraged to endure any form of head damage? And do we really want someone with no coordination stubbing their toe daily? No, I didn't either.

Several years later a dear friend introduced me to The Secret. While there are many aspects of this book and movie that resound with me, the story about the gratitude rock really grabbed me. The narrator shared how he had this rock he would stick in his pocket every day and every time he saw it or had it in his hand he would remember to give thanks for his blessings. Well heck, I could do that. And with no resulting brain damage. So it began...

However, over the years this gratitude rock has become so much more to me. I usually have one on my desk, in my purse, in my pocket...just like the shiny black ones you see here. Not only do they prod me to be grateful for my blessings, I am reminded that know matter what I am going through my spiritual life is rock solid and will get me through. When things seem to be insurmountable, I give my worries to the rock since it is so much stronger than I am. Some people have stress balls; I have a rock. Sometimes when I am involved in a tense conversation, I will just turn it over and over in my hand to keep myself grounded. And the beauty of the stones reminds me we are all a little unpolished; it is through our interaction with others our shine comes through.

Of course, if all this fails little rocks are also quite aerodynamic...I'm just sayin...

I must share my gratitude this evening for the wonderful Adrienne. After a great day at work where much was accomplished, I went to my daughter's middle school chorus and band concert. It was simply magical listening to the amazing music these kids create and I truly admire the adults who lead them. After the concert, I returned home where I was greeted by a lovely gift accompanied by an even lovelier card from Adrienne. Thank you, my friend... I give thanks for you. And I certainly don't need my rock to remind me.

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