Monday, March 21, 2011

The Beautiful Breath...

I don't mean to take wonderful blessings in my life for granted. But I guess I do. This evening I was thinking of one that never truly comes to mind...until it did. And I was amazed.

Today I got laughing so hard I was crying and my sides split. Aren't those the best kind of fits? When you're punch-drink silly, something hits you at just the right moment in time, and BAM! Suffocation. It was the best. Anyway, then I couldn't catch my breath, which being the weirdo I am made me laugh even harder. Or maybe this point it's all a little blurry.

How beautiful is a breath? It is amazing. When God created Adam he blew breath into his nostrils to give him life. Something or someone truly amazing can take my breath away. When I am in suspense, I hold my breath (not to mention when I am weighing my words so as not to take someone's head off.) The sniff of someone's cologne or fragrance dear to me as I breathe in will linger, drawing them near. And when I am away from someone I long to see, I wait with bated breath until they are near me again.

When Christ was dying on the cross, scripture says He called to God, "Into Your hands I commend my spirit," then drew his last breath. When we hear this in the Passion, we bow our heads in respect for His passing. And that is how I feel about the beautiful breath...for all it is to me...I have tremendous respect, awe, and gratitude.

So take a deep breath...and let it out again. Feel the energy within you and give thanks for it. Indeed, it's a beautiful life not to be taken for granted. 


  1. I love laughing so hard until it hurts! I'm going back to the states to see my mother, sister, and grandmother (Dad can't make it!), and I hope we have a few giggle fits. And that we take the time to breath! Beautiful post!

  2. I'm a great advocate of deep breaths too Beth.
    Whether I'm under stress at work or having difficulty sleeping, just that simple act of conciously controlling your breathing is very relaxing.
    Thank you for another inspirational post!

  3. I love Pilates, and they focus so much on the breathe - using your breathe to initiate movement.
    I always feel so great after an hour of deep breathing (and pretzel-like movements).


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