Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ode To Nude...

Did this beautiful piece of art capture your attention? How could it not...the colors, the play of light...don't you just wonder what she's thinking? There is something about her that is vulnerable yet so bien dans sa peu. Positively dreamy...

Last evening The Alternative Wife, always chic and always magnificent, did a lovely post titled Next to Nude.  She highlighted some beautiful photos in shades of blush and nude. Outfits that quietly screamed of femininity. Pillows and throws begging to immerse someone, anyone, in their incredible softness. An exquisite purse, scarf, and Chanel nail color I know she really wants me to have (that's called being subliminal.)

What is it about nude that is taking us by storm? I believe it strips us down to our barest selves and let's our natural beauty shine through. Take this picture of SJP:

Sarah looks absolutely gorgeous. Always decked out to the nines, this dress enhances without distracting. SJP's eyes are jumping out of her head as her soft curls playfully cascade down to the bed. Had this dress been any other color it would have taken away from the impact of this photo.

And don't even get me started on the shoes...oh, my stars! They are beautiful and even make my short legs look long and statuesque. Stylish and destined to become classics, the nude pump goes with everything. I have a pair of Nine West nude stilettos and they are my favorite shoes, although a side to note Manolo Blahnik: when you read this (and you will read this) I still haven't heard from Christian Louboutin  on the pity pair of American size 8's, so don't be shy about sending a pair of your wearable masterpieces along. In fact, these would be GREAT:

Hey, I ain't too proud to beg...

More than shoes and clothing, a room swathed in nude is serene, welcoming, and contemplative. The light softly illuminates the walls and furniture, begging one to curl up with a book and rest. 

I think it comes down to this...nude is vulnerable. Nude is our truth. Nude is how we all come into this world and it is how we will all leave. Nude allows us to enjoy one another with passion. Nude is honest. Nude is beautiful.


  1. So happy nude is the color this season; I've been searching for the perfect nude shoe too!

  2. lovely post. I too am falling in love with nudes shoes. I'm on the quest for the perfect pair.
    Now I'm off to check out the other blog you mentioned.


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