Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Power of Positive Energy...

Well kiddies, vacation has officially come to an end. While the tan is lingering I have returned to the daily grind, hit the books, and by now it feels like I never went away. Does that ever happen to you? Luckily, I have people with positive energy in my life.

Today I had the most amazing conversation with someone who could sense my energy was off the charts. Not necessarily bad, definitely not good...just high and not in a healthy "I'm gonna climb Mount Everest and then swim the English Channel" kind of way.

Just by engaging in a relaxing conversation with him, I could feel my entire self start to calm. What a wonderful gift. And he taught me how to center myself to avoid creating such high levels of not necessarily positive energy. The most amazing thing about this conversation and the time he spent with me was for no other reason than he cares about me.

Isn't that the greatest thing? To have someone tell you the truth about yourself, take some time with you, and share themselves with you? For no other reason than they genuinely like who you are and care about you?

I am centered. I am ready for whatever the world wants to throw my way. I am blessed.

It's good to be home.


  1. Welcome home, friend. I have missed you! Glad you are still holding onto that tan.

  2. Amen :-)

    I hope your week is going smoothly, cheers: Evi

  3. Everyone needs a friend like yours. Welcome back!

  4. Hopefully all of your extra doses of Vitamin D will help you to stay centered and happy! xxBliss


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