Saturday, March 5, 2011

The King Gets His Due...

The Academy Awards show and all the glitz that accompanies it has come and gone. Generally I do not get drawn into all the pomp and circumstance, but this year I was actually hopeful a true master of his craft would receive the recognition long overdue. I am pleased to relay I was not disappointed.

I would like to thank the Academy for finally recognizing Colin Firth and the work he brings to every role he portrays. Last year I was disappointed he did not win for A Single Man. When I look back over some of my favorite movies, he has been in quite a few.

Hands down, my favorite book of all time is Pride and Prejudice. No one has come close to the BBC's movie version where Jennifer Ehle brought Elizabeth Bennett to life exactly as I had pictured her. And though I know he has wanted to prove to the world he is more than "Mr. Darcy",  to me Colin Firth will always be the one and only Mr. Darcy.

My friend, Paul, has a wonderful site dedicated to Pfeiffer Films and Meg Movies ~ I strongly encourage you to take a look. He inspired me to share some of my favorite Firth Films to help any nay-sayers understand what a dynamic actor we are dealing with here. So without further ado...

Teamed with Rupert Everett, this dynamic duo did Oscar Wilde proud with The Importance of Being Earnest. Yes, I am a tremendous fan of the period films, but this obsession pleasure aside the comical antics are enjoyable for any fan of satire.

The Girl With the Pearl Earring was not only a fantastic book, the movie was wonderful. If memory serves, this was the first movie I saw Scarlett Johansson since she was a young girl in The Horse Whisperer. Paired with Firth as the passionately dispassionate Vermeer, this was Colin as I had never seen him. Dark, brooding, secretive yet still passionate; he did not disappoint.

In addition to Pride and Prejudice, another favorite of mine and my daughters is Nanny McPhee. Fun, light-hearted, and funny, Firth is believable as a man who will do anything for the children he loves. This role shows  a playfulness proving he is not above laughing at himself.

Talented enough to carry the period films, he is not relegated to them. Bridget Jones' Diary is the modern-day Pride and Prejudice where the modern Mr. Darcy is brought to life. Battling against Hugh Grant for the affections of Bridget Jones, the sweetness of Firth's personality makes his character the one to root for.

Colin Firth was in Love Actually, Shakespeare in Love, Valmot ~ all amazing movies and just a tip of the iceberg that is his career. I strongly encourage you to seek them out.

I have no fear of the Academy Award Curse bringing this career plummeting to a horrible death. This is an instance where adoration and acclimations have been a long time coming.

~ Dedicated to my good friend Jen Lewis, fellow Firth fanatic ~


  1. Thanks for the mention Beth, like you I'm pleased that Colin Firth finally got a well deserved best actor Oscar.
    I hadn't realised how many great films he'd done until I read this post, but of the films you mention I'd say The Girl With The Pearl Earing is my favourite mainly due to his fantastic chemistry with Scarlett.

  2. I was absolutely thrilled that he was. It was way overdue and so well deserved!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  3. My favorite book is "Pride and Prejudice" too and I agree that the A&E version of the movie is the best out there--I just watched the first half of it on Saturday as it is a must see at least once a year. Have you ever seen the Lawrence Olivier version with Greer Garson? It too, is good but in a funny good way (not true to the period or completely to the book). My second favorite book is "Jane Eyre" and I think that Colin would make a good Mr. Rochester OR, if someone were to re-make "Rebecca" he'd do great as mysterious Maxim de Winter (I really think I should be his agent). I will have to check out "The Girl with the Pearl Earring"--thanks for the reminder. : ) xxBliss

  4. I adore Colin, and am so happy that he is finally receiving the recognition that he deserves. I have watched Pride & Prejudice (back from 1995, BBC) several times over and have found no other Darcy to be comparable to Firth. I am looking forward to the many roles he will play in the future...


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