Monday, March 28, 2011

The Return Of "V"...

Oh, happy day! All that was old is new again...well, kinda.

As you may recall, "V" (my Sony Vaio laptop) was left in the hands of a stranger about a week ago, leaving me stranded and pining away in his absence. The situation was dire and I was alone in a world of uncertainty awaiting the outcome of a touch-and-go surgery. Back-up, diagnostics, surgery...same difference.

When I left V with the all-knowing Dr. T, I was advised the next 72 hours were critical. Imagine my disgust concern when 72 hours came and went I heard nothing. I called Dr. T before leaving for New York City (side note: still singing Empire State of Mind in my head...join in any time and we can be a duet) and he had nothing to advise; they had just begun looking at V. This of course took every bit of pleasantry I could muster as I envisioned V sitting alone on a shelf, with no one to stroke his keys or sing with him for three whole days. Luckily, I kept my mouth shut composure as I hung up and awaited the fateful call.

Nothing. No call. No word. Then on Friday when I returned from NYC my dear husband half-heartedly mentioned, "Oh, by the way...they called about your computer."

"They"? The elusive "they"?

"What did "they" say? Is V alright?" I implored.

"How should I know? It won't kill you not to sit there going clickety-clickety-clickety every two seconds. And who names their computer, anyway? You're getting weird."

Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! This MUST be the "for worse" part they mentioned in my vows that is supposed to prevent me from putting a pillow over his head at three in the morning.

Anyway, I hurried to Dr. T for the news. Did he make it? Are we destined to many more years together? Well my friends, I am glad to report this fascinating bit of news is being provided to you by V himself! He did GREAT! I bought him his own external back-up drive and he was so thankful he started up in no time, as opposed to the five minutes he used to take his sweet time with.

Dr. T advised there are newer models out there, sleeker, faster, and more chic. But I figure the same could probably said about me. So as long as V isn't giving up on me, I'm not giving up on him, either.


  1. Awh glad V is ok. Stick with him. I'd do the same :)

  2. I'm glad that V pulled through - although, I'm all for the newer, sleeker model, Em...

  3. So, 'V' IS for Victory!! Yeah!! I know how you feel -- I'd have withdrawal issues if I had to leave my laptop -- haven't named it though, hummmm...sounds like I should...

  4. Yaaay! so pleased 'V' made it through the "surgery", and is now alive and well again.

  5. Phew! Isn't it wonderful when you don't have to shell out big bucks for a new computer? I am still waiting for my monitor replacement...


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