Sunday, March 27, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps...And Neither Did I...

My trip to New York City was nothing short of fabulous! And of course, it wouldn't be me without some form of adventures.

As I previously shared, I made my first overnight trip to the Big Apple this past week. And just as I had envisioned, I enjoyed every moment of it. Now I must say, I am most fortunate in the fact I work with people I really, really, like and have formed some friendships with that are nothing short of blessed. Two of said friends I will refer to as Incredible Friend #1 (IF1) and Incredible Friend #2 (IF2).

Right from the get-go, I enjoyed a true NYC expereince as IF1, IF2, and I enjoyed slices on 8th Avenue in an authentic NYC pizza joint (not to be confused with the fine dining found in our great city...this was a bonafide-tastes-amazing-as-it-runs-down-your-chin-and-burns-your-tongue pizza joint.)

We walked everywhere. This of course prompted IF2 to constantly ask, "Why aren't you wearing sneakers and carrying your heels in a bag?" I stopped right in the middle in the sidewalk and emphatically told him, nope, can't be done, I wouldn't dream of it. Not chic, not french, and SJP would not approve. He, of course, looked at me like I had two heads. But that was all forgotten when

There it was...taking up an entire city block. THE Macy's. I tried to get IF1 and IF2 to genuflect, but they weren't having it. But yours truly smiled a big smile, blew it a kiss, and continued on our way.

We completed our work that evening and afterwards walked several blocks as the snow gently fell in the City. We walked down the Great White Way with the soft white flakes dusting our hair. And it was absolutely beautiful. IF2 again asked why I was wearing heels and not sneakers. This time I told him I plan to tape his eyelids open, sit him in front of the television, and make him watch every episode of "Sex and The City" so he could see it just isn't done. As Carrie told Burger...true New York women don't wear scrunchies and I am quite sure they don't wear sneakers, either. I promise you, after my threat it was the last I heard about my heels and the City.

On a sidenote shout-out to my buddy, Sara Louise, I thought of you constantly as I have learned you can't swing a dead cat in New York City without hitting a Starbuck's. And I know this for a fact because Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestly has NOTHING on IF2 when it comes to his Starbucks. IF2 is the best and makes me smile!

Sadly, my only problem was after being up so long and thoroughly enjoying the City, when it was time to sleep my neighbors upstairs decided it was time to turn on the television. And drop luggage...a lot. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it; if it was anything more wild it would fall under too much information. I am on a need-to-know-basis and I don't need to know much.) Therefore, yours truly did not sleep. At all. And when someone as hyper energetic as me does not recharge with sleep, I become the recipient of what we call a migraine.

But not to be deterred, by late afternoon I was ready to go and conquer the world. I am truly thankful for the experiences I enjoy and the people I enjoy them with. So again, I give thanks to be in my world.


  1. You are fortunate that you really like the people you work with Beth.
    I'm glad you had a great time in New York!

  2. Wow - all that walking in heels? I have to say, I am siding with IF2 on this one...I am all about comfy shoes.
    When you have more time, you'll have to venture inside Macy's. But you'll need MUCH more time - there are 5 whole floors of men's wear alone!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time! Next time you MUST go in THE Macy's as it has a wooden escalator! It was one of my favourite discoveries from my first trip!

  4. So excited you were in the city for an overnight trip....just an fyi I always wear sneakers if I plan to be walking alot..just not white ones..special kind are good for NYC! You should also check out Bloomingdales, especially 40 carrots for a bite to is one of my faves for sure! :)

    the Macy's wooden escalators are supposed to be removed as they can be a bit of a hazard! I was nervous riding them to be honest! as much as I love vintage, these made me a bit scared!!


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