Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Hear It For New York...

I can't wait! Tomorrow I leave for two days in New York City and I can't wait! I have been singing Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind all evening!

Yes, I am going for work, but still... it's New York City! There is something about New York that is indescribable. As a teen, I wanted to become a yuppie and live there forever. Of course, now I'm a 41 year old Mom with three teens and quite happy to live in suburbia. And let's face it... with my cheap frugal personality, I don't know if I could have ever paid those big city prices.

Regardless, it is a really wonderful place to be for the day. And this will be my first overnight there! I will no doubt visit Macy's in Times Square, genuflect, and blow it a kiss. To see the people who populate the City always fascinates me ~ some of the world's best fashion adorns the sidewalks of New York. Speaking of which, Sarah Jessica Parker, when you read this (and you will read this) please look me up and we'll do a little shoe shopping. Ferris can come with or stay home, I'm open to either...you can't offend me.

I have never been to Ground Zero and I doubt I will have time to visit. But I don't think one can be in the City without recalling the towers that once were and just aren't anymore. So very, very sad. I hope I do get the opportunity to walk around tomorrow evening when all the lights are blazing. There is just nothing else like it.

Lucky for me, I get to spend this time with people I really, really like. So I shall drink a glass of wine in honor of them, the City, Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and even Samantha as I give thanks for wonderful opportunities that make my world so great.


  1. Have a great time!! She's a beauty!! (nyc of course) :)

  2. Have fun here, sweetie! There's no place like NYC. That's why I've lived here for 20 years and can't ever imagine leaving! :)

  3. How wonderful for you, Beth. I hope you can soak up lots of the Big Apple and share some stories with us when you return.

  4. *jumping up and down and clapping like and idiot*
    I am so jealous! I LOVE NYC. Make the most of your overnighter and have so much fun!

  5. I've never been to New York but I'm sure you'll have a memorable time Beth:)

  6. oh enjoy yourself! I went for the first time ever last April and it was magical. Once you get the NYC bug you always want to go back!

  7. Hmmm, I am the oddball out. I have been to NYC a few times, I LOVE watching movies set in the city (especially Manhattan or Brooklyn) but I could care less about ever going there again. Not sure why that is because I always enjoyed it when I was there. But have a grand time! Take a stroll through Central Park and snap a picture of Eloise in the Plaza for me. xxBliss

  8. I hope you have a fabulous time in NYC! Such a place, I must say... I have only visited twice, but both times, I had completely different experiences. I hope that you have a wonderful adventure -- cannot wait to hear more :)



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