Monday, March 7, 2011

I Dream In Cashmere...

I have decided cashmere is one of the most luxurious feelings in the world. The caress of a fabric soft as an angel's wings against my skin is like heaven on earth; I could wear it every single day for the rest of my life with no shame or regret.

My first cashmere purchase was a beautiful baby pink cardigan sweater acquired at my favorite consignment shop. When I wear it I feel as if a soft pink glow is illuminating my entire being, radiating happiness all around me. I know, crazy, right? That an article of clothing can bring such peace? But it does. This is my go-to sweater when I want to unwind and relax or when I want to make a grey outfit a bit more feminine. Perfect.

From there, I knew I needed to follow Tish's advice of investing in myself with the best cashmere I could afford. About this time, Macy's had a SUPER sale on cashmere and I indulged in several colors to satisfy a multitude of emotions.

My black cashmere emits pure sophistication. Regardless of what I pair it with, I feel pulled together and as if I could walk into any situation dressed for success. Dress it up, dress it down, it feels amazing.

The purple cashmere pullover is so rich; the jewel color makes my eyes pop right out of my head. I can wear it with pearls, a scarf, a skirt, casual pants, anything. That's the beauty of the cashmere ~ it can carry itself.

A red cashmere v-neck sweater reflects a woman to be reckoned with...I am in control but my soft side shines through. It looks so polished and rich; I wear it quite frequently. Not as in-your-face as a blazer, it completes an outfit in need of a little oomph.

An ivory cashmere is unassuming and its pale hue allows the fabric to do all the talking. Paired with a pashmina, it is one of my favorite down-time outfits. Each of these sweaters are so beautiful no one would ever guess they were so reasonably priced...I would never buy one (or anything, for that matter) unless it was on sale. I mean, a really good sale. This also helped my penchant for pairing down. With these beautiful pieces, I have no desire to wear anything else...I want to adorn myself in one of the cashmeres everyday!

My last indulgence was a pair of pajamas to end my day in. Don't we all deserve to wrap ourselves in dreamy softness to drift off to sleep? My days are so wonderful and fulfilling, I want my nights to be the same way. What is your favorite cashmere? I've decided the next time I find one of these great sales, I am going to invest in a sweater for each of my daughters. I want the honor of introducing them to the beauty of smart investments  for oneself, allowing them to dream in cashmere, too.

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