Monday, January 31, 2011

Fear And Loathing In Upstate New York...

Yes, this is a blatant homage to the Gonzo journalist and his dear friend Ralph Steadman. But in light of two articles I read today, I really wish I could sit down with him as I would love to know what Dr. Hunter S. Thompson would say about where our government is headed.

Now as I have previously claimed, I believe I possess just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and what I don't know could fill the Grand Canyon. However, I am by no means a dumb person.

Today New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo published an op-ed piece advising New Yorkers the budget process is a sham. He went on to explain New York does not suffer a $10 billion dollar deficit as we were led to believe; it is more like $1 billion. Ten, five, one - it's all the same to me - I can't fathom any of these sums of money and it is probably more than I'll ever see in a lifetime. However, whenever it is blatantly put in my face how I have been getting it stuck to me I tend to get angry.

The Governor then proceeded to share how special interest groups are running the show and the taxpayers get to foot the bill. Of course, this is not new information to New York taxpayers. However, now that the Governor has thrown it on the table, will he actually do something about it, or wait until something distracts us and quietly put it back on the shelf?

I am almost afraid to get my hopes up for something to be done about this.

If this wasn't enough to get the blood pressure simmering, The New York Times published findings from United States Agriculture Secretary Tim Vilsack to help Americans maintain healthy lifestyles: eat more fruits and vegetables, move around, and consume less. Please tell me my taxes are not paying this man's salary. I learned this from Elmo's World about 100 years ago. And if that didn't drive it home, the lovely best-selling author Mirielle Guiliano did with her French Women Don't Get Fat series. Common sense also played a large part in my knowledge, but what do I know.

So there it's current events. Who knows what to believe? But in hindsight, perhaps fear and loathing doesn't quite cover it. More appropriate may be Dr. Thompson's sage thought, "Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism."  Even better: "A word to the wise is infuriating."

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  1. Last I heard the Governor was going to cut education and medicaid.
    Sounds like a wise solution to me, if you live on Uranus.
    X David


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