Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow's Soft Embrace...

Today I was among the throng of folks on the receiving end of a snow storm, recalling the childhood anticipation of a possible school closing and a day off. However, most adults do not get snow days so I packed my heels, donned my "safe shoes" and began my journey to the office.

What is generally a 20-25 minute trek to work took one and a half hours. Was I stressed? Not in the least. Everything around me was bathed in beauty. The snow I can handle...it's the bitter cold that gets me. Along with my fellow travelers, I crept along in my nice warm car but I was singing along with the radio about Funky Cold Medina and Lady Marmalade. What else can you do?

When I arrived to work, I found myself peacefully relaxed. After thinking about it, I realized this: how often do I get to just idle along listening to great music? I'm always in a hurry to go everywhere. Sometimes God forces us to take some time to just slow everything down to regroup. The snow continued to fall throughout the day and looking out the windows from my warm office to the evergreens wearing their gowns of white, I felt very blessed.

I accomplished so much today. Then our organization actually did give us a snow day and closed early. I figured I would stay after everyone left and keep plugging away. And the peacefulness remained. After my wonderful weekend of taking my spirit back at home, I feel like I did the same at work. There is something so satisfying about crossing items off the task list and knowing they have been well-done.

When I began my journey home, I sent up a prayer for everyone without a home to go to on a night such as this. The trek home took quite a bit of time and luckily I only witnessed one car off the road. All drivers were courteous to one another; I felt utter contentment pulling into my driveway and seeing my home with the lights beaming through the windows, knowing my family was secure inside.

As I enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, I wish a day of peace for you. May you experience the same contentment and joy in your work, a warm fire to rest your bones (followed by a luxurious bubble bath), and the beauty of the world to ignite your soul.

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