Monday, January 24, 2011

Not Cut Out For Cold...

Upstate New York is currently enduring an incredible winter the likes we have not seen in years. Sadly, yours truly is not a lover of cold.

If I looked as beautiful as this snow nymph I would welcome the frost as I happily frolic amongst the snowflakes. Alas, I do not resemble this nymph in any way, shape, or form and I can't wait for this wretched season to be over. I am more of a garden nymph, longing to be in the dirt and the flowers. Or maybe that's called a garden this point I'm not even sure. All I know is I am freezing and achy and whiny and sore.

Today my office was sans heat. All day. My shoulders ache from being slumped over and shivering and I can't feel my toes. For my fellow Seinfeld fans, although my plight is nothing in comparison to George Costanza's dilemma, you may recall how the cold brings shrinkage, and for someone of my underdeveloped stature shrinkage is the last thing I need. Sadly, I am sure I lost 2" off my height from being hunched over into a permanent "C" attempting to keep warm. See...shrinkage does not discriminate...everyone suffers.

I came home from work and crawled into my snuggly warm fleece sheets, where I am coming to you live from  underneath a plethora of fleece, quilts, and a mountain of pillows. I may not come out until Spring. Thank heavens for laptops and wireless internet.

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  1. It's just freezing here. No snow! And I'm sick of it! My skin is so pale; I'm almost translucent! BAH. I'm having a Midsummer's Night Dream!


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