Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Hot Sauce For Me, Thanks...

Today I did something I have never, ever done before. For the first time...big build-up...I actually ate Taco Bell. While my inner-French girl was berating me incessantly, my taste-buds were actually quite pleased. Luckily, I was accompanied by a Taco Bell connoisseur, so no orange-faux-ground-beef-concoctions for me. But when asked if I wanted hot or mild sauce, I absolutely went for the mild. I didn't want to walk away with collagen-looking lips derived from hot sauce. This, of course, got my wheels turning...

What were they thinking? You know, those women who were quite attractive in the first place but just couldn't leave well enough alone? The first one to come to mind is Meg Ryan. I adore Meg Ryan and always believed she was indeed America's sweetheart. But then...BLAM! Lips out to next Tuesday and suddenly America's sweetheart started looking like an American bass fish. Such a shame...

Not that Lisa Rinna is a favorite, or even particularly liked in my world, but again I must ask what the heck?! She has a tiny little dancer's body topped with lips; no head...just two really big lips. Can she actually feel a kiss from Harry Hamlin? After all, he was Perseus in the original "Clash of the Titans." He defeated the Kracken. Too bad he can't conquer those lips.

If Heidi Fleiss wasn't enough of a train wreck before, her lip injections definitely took her over the edge. Why, why, why? And how, how, how? When not in jail or at Dr. Drew's clinic the poor thing looks homeless; how did she afford collagen? Buy some food and put some weight on that skinny body rather than chemicals in those lips.

These are only the ones who immediately come to mind; sadly there are way too many to address them all herein. Why, why, why can't they see the beauty already in place rather than mess with what God gave them. I don't need a warning, seeing what has become of these women is enough for me. 

No collagen...or hot sauce...for me, thank you.


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  2. Although I loved your post (as usual), I was dismayed to read that it was trip to Taco Bell (you do realize, tres pas francais?) that lead you to your ponderings. . Please, let us hear of no more talk of Taco Bell dining unless it is on an extreme "had to or starve" basis.

    You are right about these starlets and their need to constantly seek "perfection". I am afraid much of this is due to the industry they are in. I just read an article about Meg Ryan because she is now dating John Cougar Mellencamp (who just separated from his wife at the end of last month) which mentioned that she is so much happier when she is back in the limelight. Celebrity is their drug which is sad. I love her fresh little face in her older films and hate seeing what she has done to her lips and nose. There was also a blurb online yesterday about Nicole Kidman admitting to use botox. It's all so sad and this is the "culture" our young people try to live up to.

  3. Beth,

    I've never been able to figure out why some women do that to their lips. It's always obvious and it distracts from other parts of the face (hey, maybe that's the idea!).

    And you really should try the HOT sauce at T-Bell. It's my favorite. I promise that if you do end of looking like Lisa Rinna, it will pass after a few minutes.

  4. I'll admit it, I'm so jealous that you ate at Taco Bell. I don't want it all the time, but like twice a year would be good.

    Yeah, Lisa Rinna is the worst! And did you notice how the bigger Meg's lips got, the smaller her career got???


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