Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Forsaking Life Universal...

I had heard all about you. In my arrogance I thought myself too smart for you, for I would never fall prey to your advances. I was so sure I could see you coming from miles away.

My friends warned me about you. "Be careful," they said. "You've never experienced anything like this and will not be the same." What do they know? I can handle anyone or anything. Or so I thought...

You caught me completely unaware. In the midst of the evening you crept upon me, gliding your touch across my shoulders and down my spine, the ache growing more intense. Energy began to wane as your mouth reached mine and drew the breath from my throat. This can't be, I thought, this can't be. I am better than you. I screamed in my throbbing head. I can handle you. My ignorance became my demise.

Without waste you called me to my bed, my refuge from the world, and began to have your way. Burning hotter, the room spinning, clothing was thrown to the floor. Will the night ever end? I can't take anymore. The coolest water can't quench my thirst as my naked body writhes in drenched sheets.

You show no mercy and I am bargaining God for my life. Please stop, it is too much. Tossing and turning, I am a tangled mess. My gnarled insides are on fire. Sailing in and out of sleep I am completely disoriented as you come at me again. Falling over the side of the bed, I beg to die. You are relentless.

After an eternity I feel your departure, suddenly terrified by the realization you have headed down the hall...seeking your next victim. I hear the wail but have no strength to rescue the innocent. This is hell.

Dear reader, save yourself. Do not trust him or the lies...he seeks us all. The Flu is a horrible demon who discriminates no one.


  1. Feel better soon, Beth! I'm sorry the demon got to you :(

  2. You can be pretty twisted. Fever induced? Doesn't matter, I love it!


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