Sunday, January 9, 2011

Daydream À La Francaise...

The day began strolling through the marketplace. Colors brightly dancing everywhere, inspiration swelled of  culinary creations begging for my imagination. Melons heavy with sweet fragrance assaulted my senses as vendors chose their favorite from the offspring for my purchase.

With strict instructions for the perfect time to enjoy its succulence, I tuck the melon securely into my basket. Moving along, bright leafy lettuce in hues of green, red, and purple long to be torn into a big wooden bowl. Again, the farmer chooses only the best, moist earth still clinging to the delicate leaves born only hours before. Everything bursts with freshness; there is no fear of waste here.

Before departing the marketplace, I purchase my baguette for the evening's meal. The leather brown crust protects the soft yeasty inside until it is torn apart and married with warm butter. It has been said it is near impossible to ruin fresh food. My step is light as I smile at the children in the marketplace walking with maman and papa.

Armed with a bouquet of tulips, I meander through the gardens. Life is peaceful in the bright sunshine, and I revel in the relaxing pace of the day. Lovers embrace along the pathway, and my thoughts drift away to you. Making my way to the cafe, a smile lingers and warms my heart.

Looking through my kitchen window, I marvel at this blessed life. Cool lettuce tears between my fingers as warm cheese punctuates the air. Music pouring from the next room calls my spirit to dance; I gently sway as  wine glows and swirls in my glass. C'est la vie, et la vie c'est tres bien.


  1. Oh la la.....lovely! Beth, you are a fabulous writer. Although he images are beautiful, this post needed no photos, Your words created the images.


  2. Tres bien, Madame Beth. Vous besoin allerez a France--toute suite. (I have no idea if that is correctly written but it looks kind of impressive). Moi, je suis tres drole.


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