Sunday, January 2, 2011

For My Uncles...

It really is quite amazing how I can go eons without seeing my uncles and it picks up like nary a day has gone by.

I went for a visit to see dear Granny today. Now you must understand, my Granny is over 85 years old and she is a rock-star. She is my Dad's Mom and gave birth to five boys. In my book, raising five boys is not only rock-star, it's saint-hood material. Happily, my uncles were also visiting Granny, so it became an afternoon of great delight.

My Dad is the oldest of his brothers. In turn, I am the oldest grandchild. Suffice it to say, every one of my Dad's brothers has made such an impact on me I don't think I would be the person I am had they not been  a part of my life.

The second-oldest was my Uncle Davey. He was a free-spirit who resided in Alaska until he unexpectedly passed away in 1995. Not only my Uncle, he was my God-father and I worshiped him. Being so far away I did not get to see him often, but I loved his hippie-screw-the-establishment mentality. He had long hair, rode a motorcycle, and was the quintessential living-simply-before-it-was-hip-to-do-so. I was devastated when he died and when I stop to think about it I become overwhelmed. That's the problem when you don't get to say have to remind yourself they are gone and it hurts all over again. From him I learned to follow my heart, don't worry about it so much, it's all good.

The next in the line of awesome uncles is my Uncle Dennis. He is the definition of F-U-N! He always knew  how to throw a PARTY and is the type of guy who welcomes everyone and makes them feel part of the scene. This man works so hard for his family and amazes me how he takes care of everyone. I know he is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I love him so very much. From him I learned how to be a good hostess, to welcome everyone, and make my home their home. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, or how much you make; come in, grab a drink, and sit down for awhile.

My Uncle Peter is the second-to-the-youngest. I guess if there has to be a quiet one in the bunch it would be him, but I hafta tell you, he cracks me up. He can deadpan a joke like no one else I know and he totally rocks my world. To give you an idea of his utter coolness, he used to drive me around in his Camaro SS when I was a snot-nosed little kid, and when my Brownie Troop had a father-daughter picnic, he took me because my father had to work. Uncle Peter stood up as my sponsor when I was Confirmed and totally broke out of his comfort-zone to read Corinthians at my wedding. He is the greatest and I love him very much. Through his actions he showed me patience (I still remember touching his car after he just waxed it) and never be afraid to step out of your comfort-zone for someone you love.

The youngest of my Dad's brothers has been mistaken as my brother more times than I can count as there are only four years between us. Undoubtedly, he is the older brother I never had and I think he is the greatest. He travels all over the world, shares his adventures, and he gets me (a feat in its own right.) We both enjoy a good wine and a good laugh. My Uncle Bill is the best and is such a part of me I am reticent to correct folks when they ask about my older brother. He taught me adventure - step into the unknown and be prepared to embrace all the world has to offer. He has a heart as big as anything, but don't tell anyone...I think he would rather it be a secret. But I am hip to it and I love him immensely.

Luckily for my children, these wonderful men have been a part of their world as well. Additionally, my husband is one of five; so, in addition to my brother and sister, they have three more uncles and an aunt. Of course, incredible spouses come with all these aunts and uncles, so our family is one great big fantastic situation. I love them all, I thank God for them all, and know I could never leave the area regardless how bad the government and taxes get. My children need these do I.

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  1. Very nice tribute, Beth. I have 10 uncles and I don't have that kind of relationship with any of them because I didn't grow up around them. I have one uncle who is 9 months younger than me and we are probably the closest for that reason alone. How nice to have so many role models who have shaped your life.


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