Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Beautiful Soul...

This evening I found on Facebook a wonderful sentiment that needed to be shared. So I shared it.

It is A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN award. The idea is to paste this on the wall of at least eight friends you believe to each be a beautiful woman. After multiple pasting, I realized that due to the incredible people I surround myself with I could be at this all night, and I have copious amounts of homework due so this is not an ideal option. However, I could not let the evening pass without sharing my ever-present insight to this idea.

Happily, this chain does not proclaim gloom and doom of your waistband growing to gargantuan proportions, your teeth falling out, black cats crossing your path, or severe financial hardship should one choose not to participate. What it does say is even if you never do anything more with the post, how nice it is to know that someone in the world believes you are beautiful inside and out.

In my heart I know this can be said for not only all of my Facebook and blogging friends (David! Where are you?!) of both genders, but for many people I encounter during my day whom I may never see again. Case in point, this evening as we were all trying to get home in a major Upstate New York snowstorm, I had to stop at the market for two things. A lady with three upset children and a full cart were in front of me in the only open checkout in the store. She looked at me over her three children and told me to go ahead...no use having to wait and have both of us listen to the crying. See! A beautiful soul.

We experience Christ's light everywhere we choose to see it. In this world we live in where terrible news and hardships are reported everyday, I want you to know...I think you are A BEAUTIFUL SOUL. And even if you choose to never do anything with this, isn't it nice to know someone in the world thinks you are beautiful inside and out?


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. It's lovely.

    I have something for you, beautiful. Pop over to my blog to see what it is!




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