Monday, January 17, 2011

Confessions Of A Consignment Queen...

True confessions...I am a TOTAL consignment shopper. I love every bit of it! For cheap frugal people like me, consignment shopping is a dream.

I am a bit of an enigma in that I don't really like to shop; very rarely can I find what I want. I don't like to wear the latest fad and I am not a fan of suits ~ they are too matchy-matchy. But regardless of where I am going, I love to look my best, I love to wear heels, I love scarves and estate jewelry. I also endeavor to stay on a budget. So therein lies multiple rubs: how does someone who disdains shopping, refuses to pay full-price for anything, yet loves clothes even begin to put this all together?

Luckily, I am very blessed to have two wonderful shops within 15 minutes of my home. The way I figure it, let someone else pay the ridiculous prices for the designers; I am more than happy to enjoy a beautiful article of clothing in its next life. Believe it or not, E-bay has also been a wonderful source for consignment shopping. I have also sold various items on E-bay. I take very good care of my clothes; when I am tired of wearing the same old thing, it is time for someone else to enjoy it. Everyone wins.

Yesterday I had a haircut and was in the mood for something new and fun. I stole off to the consignment shop where they were holding a 50% off-sale, and since "sale" is one of my favorite words in the world, in I went. Truly, I almost had guilt for the treasure-trove I made off with. Some of the items retained their original tags from Talbots and Ann Taylor. Unique scarves and belts; a lace blouse; an Italian wool twin sweater set, pants, jackets, skirts - all of it totaled less than $50. I only purchase what will work with what I already own; with these new items I created about thirty new outfits, making it $50 well spent.

If you have never enjoyed a consignment shop, please know the very good ones have very high standards and strict guidelines. This insures the customer is getting the best possible product. After all, if the quality is not there, no one would return. I have never had any trouble with any item purchased on consignment. Also, I have the pleasure of knowing I am helping another person trying to make some extra money and maintain a budget, just like me. 

This Consignment Queen now invites you to court; go forth and slay the full-price dragons. Adorn yourselves richly and return to share your adventures with the rest of us. I can't wait to hear about your endeavors!


  1. I love this and can completely relate to it--wish I could call you up and go shopping together. My best, by far, consignment shop find was a first issue, Hermes scarf (35cm) for $6.00--perfect condition. Ironically, I have some clothes on consignment and I called to check on my money yesterday--I have made $8.00. I think I will stick to selling on Ebay.

  2. I bought my bridesmaid dress for my mother's wedding at a consignment shop and it was gorgeous! Plus the money saved on the dress, went to getting me a seriously killer pair of shoes (hello fuschia reptile!)


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