Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Legend In Your Own Mind...

It seems many women pay big money and work very hard to look their best. I must confess what I spend at Sephora could probably feed a third-world nation. However, I am very aware I do not have the same body I had twenty years ago. Believe me, before three children I actually had a figure; I wasn't always the flat-chested freak I am now. The way I see it, I can work with what I have and always put my best self forward.

That being said, I am left to wonder why men struggle with this thought? Let me explain...

I have been around some guys who do not want to accept they are no longer (or perhaps never were) an Adonis. As they are leering at women picturing us sans clothing, there is the dire misconception they are irresistible to us. Somehow the memo informing them it is okay to move on, lose the mullet, stop showering in Polo, and wear something besides baggy sweatpants got lost in the mail. Even worse than the baggy sweatpants are the way too tight jeans. Guess what? Guys are also perfectly capable of a muffin-top. If you are looking like a mushroom over your jeans, I beg you to try a new size...they're doing nothing for you. Women aren't imagining themselves making love to you...they are looking for the nearest exit or a place to vomit inconspicuously.

Watching some of the male population squeezed like sausages into their old football jerseys hooting and hollering as they slap one another on the backside is nothing short of disturbing. I hate to be the bearer of sorrow, but you're not twenty anymore. Do you see women slapping one another on the rear when our favorite wins "American Idol" or "Dancing With The Stars"? No you don't, although I know you would like us to, but that's another blog entirely. (PS - we also don't have pillow fights in our underwear...now I've shattered all your illusions.)

Many women are so critical of themselves it makes me sad; they lack the confidence to be their best selves. Some men, on the other hand, could stand to take a closer look. There is nothing wrong with getting older...admitting it is the first step to recovery. Trust me, grey hair and grown-up clothes are distinguished. Pot-bellies with Def Leppard shirts stretched over them are gross.

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  1. I think I'm the guy in the mirror - John Goodman


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