Saturday, January 29, 2011

Under The Influence...

According to the NY Daily News, young Miley Cyrus has been voted the Worse Celebrity Influence for the second year in a row. Kudos to her...that is quite a feat in a world featuring LiLo, Snookie, and Charlie Sheen.

As easy as it seems to beat down Ms. Cyrus (I think they call it shooting fish in a barrel?) I actually take pause and consider the situation. Now it must be said my daughters have never in any way, shape, or form been a fan. Ever. In fact they believe, along with some very intelligent friends of theirs, that a television show advocating for a young girl to don a wig and habitually lie about herself to her friends could not really be worthwhile. Sadly, Disney never felt the same way. And why should they? They were making gargantuan sums of money off this kid.

From what I understand, the public was not happy witnessing Hannah Montana taking bong hits off a plant I grow in my garden. Point taken. What makes me sad about the debacle is I am sure Miley believed herself to be surrounded by friends when she let herself be this vulnerable. Or's a very fine line. Regardless, here is a supposed friend videoing her for all the world to see, reminiscent of Michael Phelps. She must have missed the memo to never trust her friends. Again, how sad. Like many of us, I know things about some of my friends (and likewise) that will go to the grave with me.

Where does Miley get her influences from? Is it Dad, who gave her a standing ovation after she gyrated around on stage in lingerie? Is it Mom, who was reported to have been doing the Unskinny Bop with Brett Michaels while still married to Billy Ray? Before her debut on Disney, how many of us were saying, "Billy Ray who? Oh, isn't he that Achy-Breaky-Heart-Reebok-High-Top-Bad-Mullet-Wearing-Freak-From-The-Eighties?"

At what point are we going to stop glorifying the kid actors, realize they are humans...and young ones at that, and stop holding them up to unattainable standards? Currently Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are being blasted in the media for "pimping out their kids." Could the tide perhaps be starting to turn?


  1. Great post! I don't have children but SO agree with everything you have written. Thank God your kids are not stupid enough to be influenced-kudos to you!

  2. Loved this! I couldn't agree more. Disney really has to look deep into their collective soul and think about what they are doing to our young girls. especially young girls that don't have role models in real life. They adapt these faux role models like Miley/Hannah and try to live up to them and it makes me so sad.
    Being the mother of a 12 year old girl I have always kept a very honest open communication going about the reality of it all. I love that her role models are very different from what most girls her age have.


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