Monday, December 27, 2010

This Snowflake's Journey...

She didn't know I was there...

As she silently walked through the soft snowy night with her thoughts swirling in the dark, I drifted from the sky and came to rest upon her eyelash. It has been said I am beautiful; no other snowflake will ever be made to look like me. Reflecting upon my diamond body sparkling over her eye, then up to the others falling from the sky, I concurred. Every snowflake is different, a frosty rendition of perfection, beautiful in this form until we reconcile with the earth to become one with it again. But for now, I am here...walking with her through the night.

From my throne, I see her glistening blue eyes. I feel the warmth of her heart. I hear her happiness. I smell her perfume. Suddenly, I taste her tears. She misses her; she misses him. And she cries in the dark protected by the softly falling snow.

We walk in silence. Reaching the church, she looks up to the steeple and prays. She prays for her. She prays for him. Her heart grows light again. And she whispers, "Thank you."

As we crest the hill of the dark snowy night, she smiles, overwhelmed by love. Do they know, I wonder, how blessed they are? They who she cries for? They whom she loves? Do they realize that like me, no two of them are alike, yet they are all beautiful, drifting upon the earth until it is time to become one with it again. We are not so different, she and I.

Her walk through the falling snow is done and my time has come to an end. Here upon her eyelash I choose to remain, staying with her, honored to become one of her tears of gratitude.

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