Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Of The Truth Game...

Okay, here's the situation. All of you on Facebook (my totally guilty pleasure/time-suck/vessel of major communication) are probably familiar with the little icon habitually popping up on your page informing you so-and-so has answered a question about you, and don't you wanna know what they said?

Truthfully, no...and I know we have journeyed down this path before. However, I would be remiss if I did not share with you some of the new questions answered about me because quite frankly, they're funny.

To the person who believes I am not a jealous significant other, I thank you. Truth be told, I am not a jealous anything. Jealousy has never been something I have been accused of; I am very blessed and give thanks for these blessings. I have mine and you have yours and I'll share mine and it's all good. Jealousy has no place in my life.

For the person who answered, "No" to the question if I have ever fantasized about you, all I can say is unless you are Colin Firth or my husband, you are probably quite right. SO score another point for you - good show. Of course, if you are Colin Firth, call me (just kidding, honey...maybe.)

The lovely person who said I am cute - thank you! Being 5'2" I never aspired to super model status so I am most appreciative of your comment. And no, I don't want to know who said this because if I find out it is my Granny it will shatter the illusion of me possibly being cute.

And to you who said I have done something I am ashamed of, all I have to say is you promised you would never shut up! Just kidding...I have no idea who said this...I think. Truth be told, I own it all...if I did it, I'll own it. It made me who I am today and if it was out of line, you have my sincerest apologies.

To the person who believes I don't watch are correct. Starred in it, but don't watch much of it (Dad - pick Mom up off the was a joke, I swear...)

In answer to the person who claimed they would lend Beth Hazelton $100 - well, what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Send it along! In the words of Sally in Charlie Brown Christmas, make it easy on yourself...send tens and twenties.

Well, this is probably more than enough truth for one day. Keep the thoughts coming! Thanks for playing and join us again for more random silly nonsense about the life and times of Beth Hazelton!

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