Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suffocating On Togetherness...

Funny, less than a week ago the Christmas vacation had not yet even begun. Along with sugar plums dancing in the heads of my little angels were visions of all the fun escapades to fill the break from school. Games to play, crafts to create, stories to read, fun times. How quickly they forget...

Tonight, my husband and I are on night-watch to make sure they don't put pillows over one another's faces. Suffice it to say at about 7:30 this evening family-togetherness turned into Lord of the Flies...they are quickly turning on one another and I am concerned over who may be deemed Piggy in this scenario. Among three children, there is generally an odd-man out; we've got to watch out for the weak one. Don't get me wrong, they would never physically hurt each other, but the bickering could drive a crazy person sane.

I was thrilled to spend the holiday and beginning of the week in a plethora of games: Uno, Apples to Apples, Scrabble, Pictureka, Wii, Rockband. It was great fun! And then Upstate New York endured a snow storm reminiscent of my childhood and the outdoors became the place to be. Upon my arrival home this evening, a happy-cheeked snowman stood guard in the front yard, smiling a big yarn smile and waving a big stick-arm at all the passersby. However, had I listened more closely, I would have heard his warning. "Run! Save yourself! They're turning on one another and they're all bigger than you!"

No doubt all of this togetherness is just too much for those used to being apart for the majority of the day. Finally, I pulled out the ultimate threat - the list. Straighten up and fly right or I confiscate all the Christmas presents and make a list of chores for them to expend all this energy. I guess this was so funny they joined together and turned on me, laughing hysterically. Apparently I am "kinda cute in a short, old-person kinda way" when I try to be a mean Mom.

So for now, peace is restored as all three periodically crack up and imitate me trying to be a "mean Mom." Well, I'm glad I've made myself clear.

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