Friday, December 10, 2010

Life And Other Surprises...

Life with all of its experiences is beautiful. And the older I get, I am more and more amazed with how I interact with these experiences.

Many times I believe I know just how I would conduct myself in any given situation. This scenario-ization and planning, while allowing everything to be nice and neat, is boring. Also, it seldom goes as we have rehearsed it in our minds.

I finally learned to let go and just enjoy life's experiences. In doing so, I have truly surprised myself. The truth is things are not always as they seem. Situations are not always black and white; in fact I think our own minds terrorize us much worse than true reality.

I have friends who have tossed all inhibitions aside and taken up belly dancing. I have other friends in their forties living more passionate lives now than when they were teenagers. I have one friend who could not care less if it is noontime, she enjoys a glass of wine with lunch. No, she is not a lush...she is embracing life's pleasures and in doing so letting us know it is really okay for us to join her.

We are given many chances at happiness and making others happy some in ways we would have never dreamed possible or thought capable of. But if we can stop thinking and analyzing so much and just go with what God has given us, I think we may all find the ability to surprise ourselves...and maybe even a few others along the way.

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