Friday, April 1, 2011

That's $32,000 And Two Hours We'll Never Get Back...

Okay, admitting it is the first step to recovery. My name is Beth and I am a nerdy girl.

My favorite way to unwind is with a really good book and a good wine. I like going out but have a better time at home. I read biographies on amazing women who blazed the trails for me to do what I do. An ideal evening of entertainment is a good lecture where I can see someone I admire while learning something at the same time. These pasttimes have value to me.

So as a self-proclaimed nerdy girl, you can just imagine my utter disdain when I learned today how Rutgers University actually paid "Jersey Shore" idiot in residence star Snooki more money to come speak at the campus than what will be paid to Nobel-winning writer Toni Morrison to give the commencement address. Sad, sad, sad...

Ms. Morrison has been quoted as saying, "Everything I've ever done, in the writing world, has been to expand articulation, rather than to close it." Snooki, who can barely articulate, was quoted as saying, "Study hard...but party harder." Is this what we as a society value? 

Where does this leave a nerdy girl like me? Short-underdeveloped-over-analyzing-pull-it-apart-until-it-bleeds-don't-stop-asking-questions-until-you-understand-it nerdy girls like me? Have we not grown as a society to value the minds of women more than the cleavage bursting forth from a leather bustier obviously three sizes too small? I'm doomed....

I hope younger women know about Colette. I hope they know what Simone DeBeauvoir did for The Second Sex and Betty Friedan did for The Feminine Mystique. Aphra Behn blazed a satirical trail for women and Coco freed us from the corsets. Jackie Kennedy Onassis taught us class as a wife and mother as Maureen Dowd and Ann Coulter teach us how to have a voice in our world. To me, Maya Angelou is the epitome of how to walk this journey living the Law of Love. 

Perhaps there is a glimmer of hope. One Rutgers student is quoted in the article as stating, "Such a waste of my money. If I want to listen to someone talk, they should have something intelligent to say."

Nerdy Girl: 1
Fake-Baked Booty Queen: 0


  1. I know! I was outraged when I heard that! I mean I have to admit that I do watch the Jersey Shore. I can't help it, it's a guilty, mindless pleasure but this is just out of control. What is the world coming to? How is she going to inspire the graduating class? By showing that acting like a complete ass in front of millions of people can make you millions? I just don't get it. And poor Toni Morrison. It's all so sad.....

    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend! And I'll definitely let you know about Philly :)

  2. For once, I have no words...I can't even comprehend what you have written because it seems so completely ABSURD. I have never watched the "Jersey Shore" but I know who that little, odious (been watching "Downton Abbey" too ; ) ) Snooki is. The fact that she is even on a "speaking circuit" appalls and mortifies me. Nerdy Girl: 3/Fake-Baked Booty Queen: 0.


  3. When Snooki's book hit the NYT's best seller list, I declared that an official sign of the apocalypse.

  4. I am right with you Beth. When I read that about Snooki (I've never watched Jersey Shore but have read enough in the UK papers to know who she is!) I was aghast. I think it's a sad sign of the times we live in; notoriety is of far greater value than real talent, education or culture. How sad is that?

  5. Nothing wrong with a good book...especially if it comes with a good glass of wine! As for Snooki, when I was back state side, I watched the Jersey Shore-- such a classy show. My grandfather went to Rutgers. I'm pretty sure he's trying to climb OUT of his grave to bring Snooki down.


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