Monday, April 18, 2011

A Girl Can Dream...

Today turned into yet another cold and rainy day in Upstate New York. So in total denial of Spring's now-past-fashionably-late arrival, I closed my eyes to dream. And it was wonderful...

In my world, it begins with a step through my terrace doors, shown above, to explore the City of Lights. I know where I am going; I have dreamed this dream a million times. It never grows old...I shall walk this path for always.

Passing a beautiful woman, and feeling pretty chic myself, I journey throughout the streets to the local marche to see what I could see...

...and there is plenty to see. Conversing with all-knowing farmers, inhaling the freshness of life, tasting the earth's treasures, I am satiated in a dreamy contentment only a full stomach and lingering taste of wine on the lips can provide. There is only one thing I could do...

...and that of course is to lose myself in a book. And not just any book, but one for the to grab the heart and rend the soul into something so true and passionate you just know the author had drown in life's sea.

Meandering through the Luxembourg, I lounge in the sunshine with the words of Collette dancing from the page, lulling me into a drowsy slumber of half-conscious rest and enjoyment of laughter around me. Fragrance intoxicates my senses into a drunken state of happiness.

As the sun begins its game of hide-and-seek, I slowly walk to the cafe for a little something sweet. The young lovers walk by holding hands, kissing in the waning light from day. I think of you and smile.

Walking home, I am thankful for the day, the joy, the love, you. Oh, for every day to be spent in such luxury, no longer pining for Spring.


  1. THAT is the best dream ever! Of course, I would like to know why you didn't share the part about meeting me at Laduree for tea and having a St. Honore de la Rose together? xxBliss

  2. It's been warm and sunny every day for weeks here in Europe but it's a good thing it's raining in Upstate New York, otherwise you wouldn't have shared your wonderful dream with us.


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