Saturday, April 2, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday...

No, today is not my birthday. My birthday is in July...but don't feel like you need to get me anything. However if you are compelled, wine, jewelry, books, chocolate, and anything French is appreciated. I'm not that deep...I like everything.

Today is the birthday of a friend who I don't get to see as often as I would like. Thanks to Facebook making the world a much smaller place, I was able to relay warm wishes to her first thing this morning as I enjoyed my coffee, sending her love for a wonderful day. She is amazing and enjoying new chapters in her life with great style and joy.

Sadly, I am finding the older I get my friends do not want to celebrate, or even acknowledge, their birthdays. This was a discussion I had last week with two people very important to me and whose opinions for the most part factor into my world tremendously. 

These two Grinch-Who-Stole-Birthday friends practically patted my Cindy-Lou Who head as they cooed, "There, there, little tot...nobody our age likes their birthday." I was counseled as one gets older, it becomes just another day.

What?! What?! 

Your birthday is the one day out of the year when it is all about you. The world became a better place that day because you were born. It needs to be celebrated. You need to be celebrated. And if you are really struggling with this concept, please understand there are people who adore you and want to celebrate you. So let them.

Since I am going to live well past 100 years old, I will celebrate my birthday every year with gusto and make it all about me. The other 364 days of the year I truly enjoy honoring the wonderful people in my life and will continue to enthusiastically do so.

I figure when it is my time to leave this beautiful world, I shall skid through the pearly gates, high-five St. Peter and say, "Man! That was a helluva ride!" This begins with celebrating the day God put me here, shattering the mold in the process.

So Happy Birthday to you, Sue, and to everyone else...never forfeit your day. Let those of us who love you celebrate the day you were born, making our world a more beautiful place to be.


  1. I celebrate my birthday pretty much the whole month of October. And I milk it for all it's worth. Why not?

    It's also my dog Coco's birthday today. She is getting a very special treat later today - and it's not Mc Donald's.

  2. I love your post Beth. I must admit I have been playing down my birthday in recent years, but maybe I will take a leaf from your book and really celebrate with gusto.


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