Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walk With Spring...

Today the Spring sun said to me,
"Come put your tools away.
Let's walk together, you and I,
there are things I'd like to say."

I followed Spring sun down the road
as guilt began to creep;
too many things were left undone
despite lists I tend to keep.

The first mile walked was all too still
Spring sun said not a word.
Or perhaps he did but in my world
his whispers could not to be heard.

The second mile found slower pace
and cleared my cluttered mind.
Spring's gentle breeze caressed me
with peace so hard to find.

The third mile Spring sun smiled on me
and with a gentle hug did say,
"You are a beautiful child of God
be grateful for this day."

The fourth mile Spring sun followed me
revealing truth within my heart.
"Loving God, as I know you do,
is really just the start."

The fifth mile Spring sun shared with me
what I tend to misunderstand,
"The questions in your heart and mind
are part of His great plan."

Soon dusk arrived ending our time
as Spring sun began to fade.
But he left me one reminder
of our walk this lovely day.

"Take time to enjoy me,
Spring sun and gentle breeze,
for time is but a moment
and too precious not to seize.
There is time to work and time to play
please don't confuse the two.
For every day is a new blessing
God gives from love to you."

I wiped the tears and thanked Spring sun
before he slipped away.
I thanked my Lord for all my blessings
and gift of this new day.

Tomorrow morning my friend Spring sun
I hope again to see.
I wish to shine in his radiant light
Doing nothing...just to Be.


  1. It was 87 degrees or so here on Saturday. I think our Spring has Sprung, but lovely picture!

  2. Lovely post. I could feel myself walking with you.Did you write this? It's fabulous xx

  3. Spring has sprung here in Europe too.
    I agree with Vanessa that this is a wonderful post, you're a very talented writer Beth.

  4. Thank you so very much - I am so glad you enjoyed it! It has been awhile since I shared my poetry and the beautiful weather inspired me to so!

  5. We are still waiting, but in the meantime, I will live vicariously through you and your lovely words.


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